There’s many reasons why Hiring industrial, Process Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning equipment can be the most efficient and cost-effective solution for clients. Here’s just a few scenarios where temporary rental equipment can play a key role.

Seasonal Requirements

In some industries, the seasons dramatically affect production schedules and business demands. For example, food & beverage clients are normally running at maximum capacity in the run up to the festive period and Easter. In these instances, Hire equipment enables production to be scaled up – or down – as needed, whilst eliminating the need to purchase and maintain “spare” equipment purely for stand by purposes.

Likewise, rising temperatures in the summer months can put existing Cooling processes and Air Conditioning systems under strain. Aqua’s range of comfort cooling units give additional capacity and are ideal for factory, office, retail or similar environments. We also have a range of Air Conditioning Chillers available for rental, ensuring your Comfort Cooling system is equipped to cope during the warmer months.

Emergency Breakdown

Hire cooling equipment is crucial in a breakdown scenario, especially if you’re working within a 24/7 production facility or critical environment. Aqua Cooling Hire have a nationwide network of expertly qualified engineers who will get you back up and running as quickly as possible. With hire equipment available often within 24 hours, disruption and downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Planned Maintenance & Contingency Planning

If your equipment is being replaced or your facility is undergoing refurbishment, hiring cooling equipment is a way of bridging the gap whilst works are taking place. With planned maintenance, we can ensure you have a temporary cooling solution on site so that when the existing equipment is taken out of circulation your process and/or business can continue uninterrupted.

Additionally, if you’re in a critical industry sector, contingency planning can provide a cost-effective back-up provision. Rather than purchasing additional equipment to provide back-up or redundancy, a simple contingency plan from Aqua Cooling Hire will ensure, should the worse happen, we can get you up and running and fast! For more information link to contingency planning

Product Testing & Load Evaluation

With minimum hire periods of just one week, short term hire is ideal for product testing and/or load evaluation. Our dedicated hire team are on hand to help with product selection and equipment can be delivered and installed on site, often within 24 hours. Likewise, when testing is finished the equipment can be simply off hired and costs kept to a minimum.

Long-Term Hire

For a more permanent solution, but for instances where clients don’t wish to invest in the outright purchase of cooling equipment, long term or lease hire is an option. Financial outlay is minimal, just an initial deposit, and budgeting is easy with fixed monthly payments. From a client’s perspective, the latest equipment is readily available – it’s also tax efficient as the cooling equipment can be placed within OPEX costs rather than CAPEX.