Aqua Delivers On Defence Project

The Client –

Defence Client, South Of England

The Challenge –

Cooling Tower Replacement, Critical Application

The Solution –

Highly Technical Chiller Solution With Built-in Redundancy

Often with hire installations time is of the essence and customers are keen to get equipment delivered to site as soon as possible. However, for a client working within the defence sector, the highly sensitive and critical nature of their application meant that technical expertise and attention to detail were paramount, with a complex design stage lasting 10 months.

Our client had a legacy cooling tower on site which they needed to replace, with the existing tower providing cooling to submarine frequency convertors. Aqua were tasked with providing a temporary solution which would keep the facility up and running whilst the cooling tower was taken out of service during the planned maintenance works.

The design scope was worked on with the client over a 10-month period, with every aspect checked and double checked to ensure the system was completely resilient and every possible fail safe was in place. It was crucial that the temporary system had built in redundancy and the final design achieved 740kW of cooling, through 2 x 390kW chillers and a 1000kW plate heat exchanger.

To give an additional level of assurance, remote monitoring was built into the chiller hire units and pumps, so that if a system alarm should be triggered for any reason, nominated personnel would receive a notification by text and email. A visual alarm was also incorporated, with beacon lights built in so that should a fault arise it would be easily visible to warehouse personnel.

The full solution included:

  • 390kW chiller x 2
  • 1000kW plate heat exchanger
  • Primary side pumps
  • Secondary pumps – with run and standby
  • Remote monitoring & built-in alarm

The maintenance works were scheduled over a 20-week period. This was staged across 2 areas on the site, with each area commissioned in turn over 10 weeks. The temporary system was installed in one area initially and then decommissioned, relocated and re-installed in the second area.

The site also had strict environmental procedures to adhere to. For example, when filling any buffer vessel using site mains water, we provided an “air gap” every time, so no contact was made between the hose and vessel which reduces overall contamination risk. In addition, IBC containers were supplied for when the glycol water was drained down, ensuring it was safely transported around site. At the end of the contract all treated water was removed from site in its entirety.

“For me this project showcases our technical ability and how the hire sector isn’t always about short term contracts and rapid turnarounds” explains Ed Gale, Aqua Hire. “For planned maintenance clients and complex applications such as this, it’s often more about the finer detail and documentation and working in partnership to ensure things run seamlessly throughout.”

cooling tower hire


Hire System Gets Product Trial On Track

The Client –

Hampshire Based Cosmetics Manufacturer

The Challenge –

Product Development Trial

The Solution –

Bespoke Hire Package

For the research and development laboratory at a leading cosmetic company, a bespoke Chiller Hire solution proved to be the answer when they were faced with challenges during product development.

In this scenario, system flexibility was key. The lab was working under the constraints of a very specific time scale when cooling the product. It was critical to ensure it wasn’t cooled too quickly or too slowly, otherwise product would be compromised and have quality and cost implications further down the line.

Being a cosmetic manufacturer, our client had an existing chilled water supply on site. However, for the trial they needed their cooling water to be completely independent so that there was no risk to day to day production in their main plant.

To ensure the laboratory could vary pressure, temperature and flow rates, Aqua supplied the following:

  • Variable speed pump – this enabled both pressure and flow rates to be changed as and when required
  • Heat exchanger with a 3-way value – this gave full control over the temperature
  • 30kW chiller
  • System design and installation

With a flexible hire agreement in place, our client only rents the equipment for as long as they need it. Once optimum flow rates and conditions have been established for mainstream production of the product the above equipment can be easily off hired with just one phone call to our hire desk.


spot welding

Long Term Hire Provides Worry Free Solution

The Client –

Spot Welding Factory Based In Kent

The Challenge –

Legacy Equipment Struggling With Demand

The Solution –

Long-Term Chiller Hire

For a service and maintenance customer, long term Hire proved to be the perfect solution as their legacy equipment began to struggle keeping up with production demand.

The client, based in Kent had two, non-Aqua supplied chiller units, which were integral to cooling their spot welding process. Aqua had been previously appointed as their designated service and maintenance supplier. When the compressor on one unit failed, our client was faced with a costly repair, disruption to their process and the reality of knowing their second unit could also fail at any time.

As an interim measure, the engineer arranged for the Aqua hire team to supply a replacement 50kW chiller to get production back underway and to give the client time to consider their longer-term options.

Impressed with the unit supplied, the client took the decision to replace both their legacy units with Chiller Hire units on an annual contract basis. This saved on the cost of repair as well as giving a host of other benefits, including:

  • Minimal capital expenditure – hire gives you all the advantages and efficiencies of up to date technology but with no real investment. Hire costs are treated as operational spend, rather than capital expenditure, keeping the kit off the balance sheet and improving tax efficiency
  • Fixed, regular operating costs – so budgeting is easy each month and there’s no surprises. Costs are inclusive of service and support which negates the need for a separate contingency for repairs and maintenance
  • Flexibility – if production requirements change or your business plan changes, equipment can be easily upscaled. Equally, in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with the hire unit it’s quickly and simply swapped with another from our fleet

So, as well as their production being back on course, the client now operates with total peace of mind that they’re now protected from that type of scenario reoccurring.


injection moulding

Aqua Inject Short Term Hire Solution Into Moulding Company

The Client –

Midlands Based Injection Moulding Company

The Challenge –

Chiller Breakdown

The Solution –

Short-Term Chiller Hire

For an injection moulding client, Aqua’s emergency hire service kept their process running with minimal downtime and disruption after their existing chiller unit failed.

As soon as our Hire desk took the call, with time being of the essence, a site survey was quickly arranged to determine the precise specification of equipment required and to ascertain exactly what was needed for a quick on site install. Subsequently we were able to promptly dispatch a 20kW chiller for next day delivery.

When it came to installation, the versatility of our units meant our engineers could simply adjust the fittings on the Hire Chiller and connect it to our client’s existing pipework, keeping installation time to a minimum.

With production back on track, our customer then had the opportunity to consider a more permanent replacement unit, but with total peace of mind that their process was running fine. To this end, on the same day as the Hire unit was installed, an Aqua sales engineer met the hire team on site to design and specify a more longer-term solution.

Hire Engineer, James Fry, explains; “At Aqua Hire, sales and service divisions work closely together. If a client calls one of our team, they benefit from a completely 360° approach, as in this case. Likewise, we have customers who initially approach our sales division because they need to expand their production capacity or have legacy equipment on site which is struggling, and the hire team can step in and help them with a temporary solution whilst sales finalise a longer-term strategy which is a win, win scenario for all involved.”

air blast hire

Putting Hire To The Test

For many our clients, our Hire service is key in helping them with manufacturing trials, load evaluations and product or equipment testing. By Hiring there’s no need for any capital outlay or up-front investment and the equipment you need is available for exactly when you need it. Hire has many other advantages, including 24/7 service support backup and access to the very latest products and cooling technology.

At Aqua Hire we have clients in the oil, gas and defence industries who regularly use our chiller hire solutions for equipment trials. For example, we recently supplied a 150kW air blast cooler for testing purposes. The air blast was used to transfer waste heat which was being generated by a high-tech compressor. Equally, for clients running R&D trials on a new manufacturing process or wanting to carry out load evaluation tests, Hire is a cost effective and efficient option.

Our minimum Hire period starts at just 1 week, and our Hire agreements are very flexible. Our team are on hand to help with equipment selection and are experienced across a wide range of industries. For further information call Aqua Hire today.