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Are You Going To Bottle It? Aqua Hire Can Help!

The Client –

Food Processor

The Challenge –

Seasonal Cooling

The Solution –

Medium Term Chiller Hire

For one of our food industry sector customers, a tactical Chiller Hire strategy during the summer months ensures their cooking oil production continues undisrupted.

Our client specialises in processing and packaging oils for the food sector, including market leading brands of olive oil, seed oils and baking fats.

Initially the raw material oil arrives from abroad and is taken into a refinery complex. The oil then travels through a direct pipeline until it reaches holding tanks which are housed at the plant’s bottling site.

For most of the year, the oil can be taken straight from the holding tanks into the bottling plant and packaged as appropriate. However, in the warmer summer months, the oil must be cooled prior to bottling. It’s vital to ensure the oil is processed in the correct way, otherwise the overall quality of the oil and its integrity can be compromised which can also affect its shelf life.

Each summer, Aqua Hire provide two 50kW Chiller units which are situated close to the holding tanks. The chillers cool the oil within the tanks until it’s achieved the optimum temperature for transferring to the bottling plant. Once temperatures drop again, the units are simply taken off hire and the bottling process carries on as before.

The Aqua Hire solution included:

  • 2 x 50kW chiller units
  • A medium-term hire solution

In addition to protecting a CAPEX budget, there’s several other advantages for clients when it comes to seasonal cooling hire. For example, you have peace of mind that you’ll always be hiring up to date equipment, benefiting from the latest technological advantages in operation and overall efficiency. With Aqua Hire you also benefit from a nationwide network of engineers, on hand to give back up and support exactly when you need it.


A Contingency Plan That Delivers

The Client –

Rubber Processor

The Challenge –

Seasonal Temperature Rise

The Solution –

Emergency Short Term Chiller Hire

When a Wiltshire based rubber compounder’s contingency plan fell through, Aqua Hire were happy to step into the breach with an Emergency Chiller Hire solution.

The plant uses cooling towers to provide efficient and effective cooling to its process across the year. The towers feed water into the factory at an optimum temperature of 20°C.

However, if the ambient temperature rises sufficiently during the summer months, the wet bulb temperature becomes higher than the required 20°C. For the peak summer UK temperatures, the client hires a Chiller to give additional cooling capacity and to ensure the required temperature is constantly maintained. Their existing pipework has stab in points so a Chiller Hire unit can be delivered and quickly installed, getting production back on track.

The Hire option works especially well for the client as it avoids the company having to invest in a Chiller unit which they’re only going to use for a few weeks each year. Equally, by having a Contingency plan in place, the required equipment is already specified and it’s just a matter of delivery to site.

However, on this occasion, when it came to implementing their Contingency, their previous supplier wasn’t able to supply the chiller for next day delivery so Aqua Hire happily took up the challenge!

A member of our Hire team took the initial enquiry in the morning and a site visit was carried out the same day. Within 24 hours from initial enquiry our Industrial Chiller was delivered and installed. Our network of engineers based around the UK enables us to provide clients with rapid turnaround which is critical to the Hire market.

Our solution included:

  • 200kW process chiller
  • Same day site survey
  • Next day delivery & installation

So, whether you’re looking to plan your Contingency or looking for an Emergency Hire specialist, don’t get caught out, make Aqua Hire your first port of call.

flight training

Hire Solution Takes Flight

The Client –

Flight Training Centre, Based In Sussex

The Challenge –

Failed Hydraulic Cooling System

The Solution –

Emergency Hire And New System Install

When the hydraulic cooling system failed at a flight training school, getting an Emergency Hire solution delivered and installed was an absolute priority.

The centre, based in Sussex, is home to full flight simulators which operate three, six-hour training sessions across the day, including night time. The facility’s legacy cooling system provided cooling to three of the simulators independently. It’s closed design meant it was difficult to maintain the glycol level, leaving the equipment to run on plain water which offered zero protection against frost and freezing.

The Aqua Hire team responded rapidly, delivering an Air Handler to site which was quickly installed to act as an Air Blast Cooler, getting the affected flight simulator back up and running.

However, the breakdown scenario highlighted the lack of resilience and robustness in the centre’s existing system – something that couldn’t be overcome by simply repairing the equipment. Instead Aqua’s engineers re-evaluated the facility’s complete hydraulic cooling system, designing out the inherent issues within it.

Aqua installed a single cooling system to service the hydraulic cooling of all 3 simulators, which included an Air Blast Cooler, dual pump skid and a 250-litre open tank. The tank ensures the addition of glycol is a very simple exercise – as easy as pouring a 25 litre drum straight in.

The Air Blast unit incorporated 4 x EC, inverter controlled, fans. As well as improving resilience (should 1 fan ever fail, 3 would still be operational) the inverter control boosts efficiency and subsequent energy savings as the fans ramp up and down as required rather than working at full power continually.

The system’s open as opposed to closed design has many benefits. As well as simplifying the process of adding the glycol in the first place, it’s also easy to monitor and top up, protecting the operation and life time of the equipment and ensuring optimum system effectiveness.

The full solution included:

  • Rapid response
  • Emergency hire
  • System design & installation
  • Air blast cooler
  • Dual pump skid
  • 250 litre tank
  • Full hire & sales solution

With their new hydraulic cooling system installed and commissioned the flight training school were back ready for take-off!

chiller hire

Emergency Solution Puts Production Back On Track

The Client –

Midlands Based Plastic Product Manufacturer

The Challenge –

Chiller Breakdown

The Solution –

Temporary Chiller Hire

A plastics manufacturer based in the Midlands turned to Aqua’s hire division when they encountered an emergency breakdown scenario with the Chiller unit on their plastic thermoforming production line.

For clients working within a 24/7 manufacturing facility, equipment breakdown can have disastrous consequences. Any threat of interruption to production can cost heavily in downtime, loss of revenue and even financial penalties. At Aqua Hire we fully understand the challenges our clients face. Our extensive knowledge of the chiller market enables us to arrange a temporary hire solution to site quickly and efficiency, getting that all important production back on line.

Aqua supplied a 300kW Chiller hire unit and flexible hosing which linked to the client’s existing weir tank. This, used in conjunction with a standby pump, enabled the chilled water to be recirculated around the tank, restoring the process cooling. The problem with the malfunctioning chiller could then be further investigated whilst production continued unheeded.

Our hire solution included:

  • 300kW chiller
  • Flexible temporary pipework
  • Full technical system design analysis
  • Installation services

In addition to supplying the short-term hire chiller, the Aqua technical team have undertaken a full review of the thermoforming plant’s process cooling system, giving the client longer term options which will include building additional redundancy into the design.

Senior Design and Project Manager, Shaun Lancaster explains: “Aqua’s sales and hire divisions work hand in hand which enables us to be able to offer the customer the very best solution every time. This is a great example of how short term chiller hire has resolved the client’s immediate issue and given them breathing space to consider the possibilities longer term.”

plastic moulding

bisham abbey

Planned Maintenance Strategy Keeps Sports Centre Active

The Client –

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

The Challenge –

Chiller Replacement – Planned Maintenance

The Solution –

Short-Term Chiller Hire

When a sports centre in Marlow decided to replace the chiller unit within its air conditioning system, Aqua Hire stepped in to ensure things stayed cool whilst planned maintenance work got underway.

Once a royal home to King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, Bisham Abbey is now one of three Sport England National Sports Centres. It plays host to several national governing bodies for many sports including the Lawn Tennis Association, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the British Olympics Association.

It also offers world-class facilities to elite athletes including the national canoeing, netball, and hockey teams.

Bisham Abbey took a proactive approach to their maintenance work which ensured they knew well in advance when their equipment would be out of operation. This enabled Aqua Cooling to work closely with them, allocating a replacement Chiller Hire unit for the exact specification and application and delivering and installing it in advance, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum and allowing day-to-day business to carry on unaffected.

Aqua Hire provided a 200kW Chiller Hire unit for a period of four weeks which kept the system running at temperatures of between 7°C and 12°C. This ensured the facility’s ambient temperature was at the optimum level for visitors and staff alike.

Contingency planning is key to a large number of clients, especially those relying on their system 24/7 and/or working within critical market sectors. Hire Sales Engineer, James Fry, explains: “If you’re a busy facilities manager, perhaps running multiple sites, you’ll be only too familiar with having to take cooling equipment out of use whilst you get a new system up and running. Aqua Hire can help you bridge this gap, ensuring you have a temporary cooling solution on site, ready to go, whilst your existing equipment is replaced or upgraded.”

The planned hire solution at Bisham Abbey was a great success. The Chiller unit remained on-site and functioning while the centre’s new Chiller was installed and tested, resulting in a seamless transition, with customers noticing no difference during their visits.

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