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Eco Waste Facility Uses Hire Solution To Get Up And Running

The Client –

Waste Management Solution Provider

The Challenge –

Eco-friendly Waste Processing Facility Commissioning

The Solution –

Short-Term Chiller, Generator & Fuel Package Hire

Aqua Hire has been involved with the commissioning of an ecologically focused waste processing facility in the South of England. Aqua was appointed by the plant’s contractor to provide a cooling solution, on a temporary hire basis, to enable the centre to be tested under load before completion.

The project involved redeveloping and upgrading an existing facility, with the new centre having provision for two types of waste treatment process – gasification and anaerobic digestion. The former is used to treat waste that is left when any recyclable items have been separated from it and anaerobic digestion is used with food waste. When the waste is processed it is converted to either fuel or fertiliser for use in farming. The fuel is used to run the plant and then excess is supplied to the national grid.

This new plant gave the local area its first ever energy recovery facility and is expected to treat a third of its household waste, as well as an element of waste from local businesses.

Aqua supplied cooling equipment to the anaerobic digestion process, upscaling on-site cooling capacity so that the system could be thoroughly tested.

The provision of a hire chiller increased capacity from 300kW to 500kW and the addition of a generator took the power supply from 220kVA to 500kVA. Aqua Hire also supplied a fuel tank and a full fuel management service to measure fuel levels and co-ordinate future fuel deliveries.

The full hire solution included:

  • 500kw process chiller
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Pump, hoses, ancillaries, install & de-install
  • 500kVA generator
  • Fuel package – including 3000l tank & telemetry

“This project is an incredible achievement and really showcases the next generation of waste treatment facilities. It will benefit both the environment and the local community, totally transforming how waste is handled within the region” explains Aqua Hire Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford.



Heat Rejection Hire Solution Helps Fuel Plant Commissioning

The Client –

Leading Energy Management & Solution Provider

The Challenge –

Testing Fuel Generation Plant Project

The Solution –

Heat Rejection Package On A Short-term Hire

Often a hire solution is regarded as a last minute, emergency option when either existing equipment fails or there is a sudden spike in production demand. But, for many of our customers, temporary hire is a fundamental part of their annual maintenance or project plans. For one such client, a bespoke heat rejection package supplied on a short-term hire agreement, was key when it came to the testing and commissioning of their latest project.

The project itself involved the design and build of a highly innovative stand-alone energy plant. The state-of-the-art facility was undertaken for a UK university and when complete would supply both heating and electricity to an entire student campus. The plant would run entirely on gas and any heat generated as a by-product of producing the electricity would be reclaimed as a heating source. Back up, should it ever be called for, would be provide by an on-site oil-fired boiler. The resulting energy centre would not only be ultra-efficient with a minimal carbon footprint, but it would also hugely reduce the university’s ongoing operating costs.

Aqua were tasked with supplying a heat rejection package which would enable the system to be tested under load. We designed and supplied a 1.6MW cooling system, which would take the heat generated by the system operating as required and reject it into the ambient. The system could then be tested as needed, with the cooling system countering the heat being generated by the reclaim system and/or back up boiler on each occasion. Once the load testing was complete and proved the system achieved all necessary operating criteria, it could be approved for the next stage of project completion.

The full hire solution included:

  • 2 x air blast coolers – 1.6MW capacity
  • System design
  • HIAB delivery, installation, commissioning & all ancillaries

Aqua Hire’s Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford, commented; “This was such an innovative project and we look forward to assisting this client further on future tasks as they really change the shape of renewable energy across the industry.”



Planned Maintenance Solution for Student Housing

The Client –

Student Accommodation Provider, Central London

The Challenge –

Hall Of Residence Boiler House Maintenance

The Solution –

Planned Maintenance Solution – Short-term Boiler Hire

Whilst the summer months are an opportunity for students to take a break from their studies, it’s a busy period for accommodation providers who use the time whilst their properties are unoccupied to carry out repairs and maintenance work in readiness for the start of the new academic year.

For a client running a private hall of residence in Central London, they needed to use this time to undertake essential work to their property’s boiler system. All the flues within the on-site boiler room needing replacing, meaning a temporary boiler was needed for a short time to take the load whilst the existing set up was out of action. Additionally, time was of the essence as everything needed to be back up and running for when the students return to site for the start of the Autumn term.

Aqua supplied a 300kW oil fired boiler to site, carrying out the installation and commissioning, as well as providing fuel and ensuring the equipment was off loaded from site as soon as it was redundant.

Our hire solution included:

  • 300kW oil fired boiler
  • 300 litre fuel tank & red diesel fuel supply
  • Hosing, fencing, scaffold walkway and all other ancillaries

“Timing was key to this project”, explains Aqua Hire Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford. “Our client had a specific window in which to get this work concluded and the site back to normal for incoming tenants. Whilst the job itself wasn’t complicated, we needed to make sure the right people were on site at the right time so that things ran smoothly and the project was kept on track right the way through.”

chiller hire

Aqua Takes the Heat Off Chemical Giant

The Client –

UK Manufacturing Facility – Global Chemical Client

The Challenge –

Excess Process Heat Management

The Solution –

Temporary Supplementary Chiller System

An increase in temperature and that first glimmer of sunshine each year are normally the first signs that summer is on its way. Whilst this is very much welcomed by the majority, it can herald the arrival of a whole new set of challenges as a UK manufacturing client discovered.

The client, a global chemical processor, uses a cooling tower-based system to provide process cooling at their UK production facility. This works extremely effectively and efficiently for most of the year, but as ambient temperatures rise during the summer months the system struggled to cool to set point due to this increase in the wet bulb temperature (the wet bulb being the temperature whilst taking into account evaporation).

To overcome the problem and ensure manufacturing could continue seamlessly, Aqua Hire installed a temporary chiller-based cooling system. By supplementing the existing cooling tower set up with over 2MW of mechanical cooling, continuous operation is assured all summer long.

The full solution included:

  • 3 x 750kW chillers
  • Site survey & system design
  • Bauer hosing & all necessary connections
  • Delivery, installation & commissioning

“This particular site gains all the efficiency benefits a cooling tower system brings but it just needs additional support during the summer months” explains Hire Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford. “A temporary hire solution is ideal because the client just pays for the additional capacity they need, exactly when they need it so it’s a very cost-effective option for them. They now have total peace of mind regardless of what the weather brings!”


Fighting Back!

Aqua Hire are on the frontline, helping critical sector clients fight back against the current COVID-19 crisis.

This last week has seen our teams busier than ever, on-site helping hospitals, supermarkets, food processors and storage facilities with temperature control solutions to help them cope with these unprecedented circumstances.

Our Engineers installed a temporary 100kW boiler to a South London based food superstore after their in-house system failed leaving them without hot water. As well as being critical for staff hygiene and comfort, hot water is critical to keeping the store’s cleaning and maintenance facilities operating. Within a few hours of taking the call, Aqua Hire Engineers were on site and had the food store back up and running the same day.

We also supplied, delivered and installed a hire boiler to a busy city hospital, a 300kW chiller to another main hospital for their welfare facilities, and a chiller combined with an air handler for a hospital mortuary application. In addition, we supplied cooling equipment to a medical storage company. Their facility has a larger than normal level of medical stock on site now, due to the COVID-19 response, meaning they urgently needed extra cooling to keep the medicine safely stored.

“It’s been a crazy week”, explains Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford. “However, myself & the team are committed to supporting key sector customers during this uncertain and challenging time. We can offer rapid turnaround of kit, ideal for these urgent requirements and we’ll do whatever it takes to help.”