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With temperature control being at the heart of everything we do, Aqua offer efficient and effective solutions for every possible heating or cooling application. Our team of specialist engineers have years of experience working across an array of industries and really do understand the challenges and obstacles that different environments and scenarios can present.

We also appreciate that the rental sector relies on fast turn around and rapid response times, especially in an emergency or breakdown situation. Aqua Hire have a dedicated team, with a network of engineers located across the UK, to ensure we turn things quickly so that any disruption and/or production downtime is kept to a minimum.

Hire periods start at just one week and Aqua also offer medium to long term rental solutions for clients looking for a more permanent solution.

Our product range is comprehensive, including commercial chillers for air conditioning and process cooling, portable air conditioning units (evaporative, spot, split units and air handlers) and air blast and adiabatic coolers. On the heating side, we offer a wide variety of boilers – from 22kw to 1.2MW+ – with a choice of gas, oil, electric or dual fuel operation. In addition, we supply portable heating solutions and ancillaries.

The range of industries and applications we’ve worked with is vast, whether it’s the rough and rugged terrain of a large-scale construction site, a heavily occupied office complex, or a critical environment such as a hospital or data centre. Below we’ve outlined just a few examples of different industries we’ve been involved with. In addition, our case studies detail in greater depth specific applications we’ve worked on with clients.


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industry sectors

Manufacturing – emergency response is vital to our manufacturing customers who are often working with 24/7 production lines. Hire equipment is crucial in a breakdown scenario, if maintenance is necessary or a short/test production run is required. For clients where downtime just isn’t an option our contingency planning service offers total peace of mind.

Facilities Management – our FM clients use hire equipment for planned maintenance, when a Cooling or Heating system needs repairing or upgrading. A temporary Chiller or Boiler can integrate into the facility’s existing set up to ensure its business as usual for occupants whilst work is carried out.

Building Services & Construction – heating equipment can significantly speed up the internal construction process, with boilers helping with screed drying and the installation of underfloor heating systems.

Food & Beverage – from storing food at the correct temperature, to helping customers manage equipment upgrades and seasonal changes in production.

Medical & Pharmaceutical – temperature control is essential to highly sensitive environments such as hospital wards, theatres and laboratories. Effective climate control isn’t just limited to the well being of patients and staff, it also extends to the specialist critical equipment. For example, MRI scanners always need precise cooling. Critical cooling also plays a part in pharmaceutical manufacture. A constant, reliable, supply of heating and hot water is also vital, something our containerised boilers and boiler plant rooms ensure.

Aqua can design, manufacture and supply (very quickly), temperature control systems for manufacturers producing ventilator components.  We can also assist with the temperature control of the supplied air from the ventilators on large scale systems, for example those within a hospital environment. In addition, our equipment can cool the air compressors used in ventilating systems and we can provide comfort cooling to areas. Having a Hire division within our Group of companies enables us to offer temporary solutions with rapid turn around times, but backed up by years of application, design and installation experience.

Events & Hospitality – whether it be a winter Ice Rink Cooling or Comfort Cooling for a temporary marquee structure, we work with our customers to ensure their event goes to plan, whatever the occasion.

Retail & Commercial – in retail and similar environments space is often at a premium and customer comfort is so important. Our compact design, low noise, units are ideal for air conditioning applications and our evaporative cooler range is perfect when there is no access to outside space, for example in shopping centre.