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Aqua Hire have a range of Adiabatic Cooler Hire units – Ambient coolers such as Adiabatic Coolers use the external air to remove the waste heat from a process. There are two types of air temperature. Normal dry bulb temperature is the temperature that everybody feels in the shade, whereas wet bulb is the temperature you feel if you have just stepped out of a swimming pool in summer. Wet bulb temperature is always lower than the dry bulb.

Dry Coolers use normal dry bulb temperature and can reach within 3°C of that temperature. For example, if it is 32°C outside we can achieve a cooling fluid temperature of 35°C, whereas Evaporative or Adiabatic systems can get within 2°C or 4°C respectively.

Nationwide Coverage

Our Adiabatic Cooler Hire equipment and specialist engineers are based across the UK, ensuring Aqua offer customers nationwide coverage every day. When you Hire from us you have the benefit of knowing that one of our engineers is never far away and can support you all year whenever required. Whether it’s an initial site visit or final delivery, Hire are used to working quickly! We can offer next-day delivery on a range of Cooling and Heating equipment with a minimum Hire period from just one week.

Wherever you are in the UK, our top priority is to get your business back up and running with minimal disruption as possible. In emergency breakdown scenarios a fast response is essential and by having a network of F-Gas and Gas Safe engineers across the country we’re able to offer that each and every time.

Minimum Hire Period From Just One Week

Availability from Next Day UK Delivery!

Adiabatic Coolers work exactly the same as their Dry Air Cooling cousins for most of the year, but in summer months they use evaporated spray water from the mains. This spray water pre-cools the ambient air that is used for Cooling the coil to guarantee a lower fluid off temperature.

For example, if we want to cool fluid from 30°C to 25°C – but have a summer dry bulb temperature of 35°C and wet bulb temperature in the summer of 20°C – the cooler will work dry until the dry bulb temperature hits 21/22°C. At this point, if the air temperature rises, it will then start to spray water into the air stream – this then evaporates and the Adiabatic effect reduces that air temperature close to the wet bulb temperature which then allows the fluid to be cooled to a constant 25°C.

Adiabatic Cooler Hire Units

There are four main types of Adiabatic Cooler Hire designs. Aqua’s preferred Adiabatic Cooler unit has a DC speed driven pump that operates between 4 and 10 bars to produce the right amount of atomised water that is required to create the required Cooling. This is sprayed away from the coil and ensure that the coil stays almost dry and with little, or no, scale build up.

Adiabatic Coolers have a number of benefits which our dedicated Hire engineers would be more than happy to discuss with you in detail. Equally they’ll help you with product selection, system design and all other aspects of the hire process.

Unsure which type of Adiabatic Cooler you’ll need to fit your requirements? Call our experienced UK engineers today for help with product selection.