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Tank Hire Solutions

For many of our clients it’s important that any Cooling equipment they Hire can be integrated into their system as quick as possible, with minimal disruption and downtime.

This is particularly common for clients working on R&D projects, short term product trials or in emergency breakdown scenarios.

By Hiring a Buffer Vessel – or Tank – you can “break into” your existing set up, quickly fill and vent the system and be up and running in next to no time at all.

All the vessels within the Aqua Hire fleet are protected with a carry frame and are easily connected by Camloc and Bower fixings.

tank hire

If you have a varying flow rate, or have low/high flow rate requirements, renting a Buffer Vessel is the only way that you can ensure the correct flow around your process. It also enables you to get the correct flow rate to the Chiller Hire unit, ultimately making sure your process and equipment is running correctly and as efficiently as possible.

If you are changing your process and likely to lose small amounts of fluid every time, or you have very high return water temperatures, then Buffer Tank Hire is the most effective solution.