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Aqua Hire’s ancillary equipment range will help ensure your temporary temperature control solution is up and running as quickly and as effectively as possible. Whether it’s to help rental equipment fit seamlessly within an existing process, maximise running efficiencies, or for a specific bespoke requirement, our hire engineers can supply and fit a range of ancillaries to your heating or cooling solution.
These include:

  • Hosing – including Storz and Bauer hosing.
  • Ducting – 300mm or 600mm ducting to help with air distribution.
  • Generators
  • Heat exchangers – including plate type and intelligent type. These are commonly used in to heat process fluids that can’t come into contact with the main cooling circuit. They’re also ideal in scenarios where a wide temperature differential is needed.
  • Pumps – including boost pumps, twin head pumps and inverter driven pumps for fluid circulation.
  • Low loss headers.
  • Boiler pressurisation.
  • Cold water boost systems.
  • Bypass systems.
  • Dirt separators – these keep the system clean and help to maximise efficiency.
  • Tanks, including fuel tanks – starting from 100 litre buggies for maximum portability to 5000+ litre fully bunded tanks.
  • Fuel management – our fuel management service ensures that your equipment is always ready to run whenever it’s needed. Aqua Hire can supply fuel nationwide, from a single emergency call out to regular weekly deliveries.
  • Telemetry and remote monitoring – using the very latest technology, our systems intelligently monitor the boiler, reporting critical performance data, such as fuel level information, which is then easily accessible online.
  • Antifreeze glycol solutions