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Comprehensive Range Of Portable Air Con Hire Units

Aqua Hire offer a comprehensive range of Portable Air Con Hire units, all of which can be quickly delivered and installed to ensure everything remains cool as temperatures rise! Whether you have a breakdown scenario with your Air Conditioning system or just a seasonal hot spot that needs addressing, we have the solution.

The majority of our Portable Air Conditioning units fall into two categories – Exhaust Tube (ET) or Split/PAC Air Con units. All Portable Air Conditioning units work on the same basic principle. They simply circulate cold air around a space to bring the ambient temperature down. The heat is then transferred and dispersed out of the room/space.

Nationwide Coverage

Our Portable Air Con Hire equipment and specialist engineers are based across the whole of the UK, ensuring Aqua Hire offer customers nationwide coverage every day. When you Hire from us, customers have the added benefit of knowing that our engineers are never too far away and can support you 24/7. Whether it’s an initial site visit or final delivery, we are used to working quickly! Aqua can offer next-day delivery on a range of Cooling and Heating Hire equipment and our minimum hire period starts at just one week.

Wherever you are in the UK, our priority is to get your factory or business back up and running with minimal disruption and downtime. In emergency breakdown scenarios a fast response is essential and by having a network of F-Gas and Gas Safe engineers across the country we’re able to offer that each and every time.


Exhaust Tube Units

With Exhaust Tube units the heat is blown out through an exhaust tube. The most straightforward method of achieving this is via a length of flexible ducting put out of a nearby window. The units themselves are very simple to use and involve minimal set up time. Effectively they can be delivered, wheeled into position, plugged in and are ready to go – a real “plug & play” solution.

On occasion, the heat can be dispersed into another empty space (a ceiling void for example). We can also supply units which have ducting on the cold air side which enables you to direct the cold air at a specific area – this is often referred to as “Spot Cooling”

Units have a LCD display, are easily programmable and give a full climate control solution. Our smallest unit is ideal for busy office environments due to its compact size, yet it can still achieve 3.5kW of cooling duty (duty of our other units goes up to 10.3kW and can be scaled up if a larger cooling capacity is required).

Split PAC Units

A split design model is just a Portable Air Conditioning hire unit that’s split into two parts. One part is sited within the space being cooled and the other part is sited outside. Inside the unit cools the air and then distributes the conditioned air back into the room, while outside a condensing unit takes the heated water and cools it back down. The two parts are joined by a flexible connection which can span a 30 metre range.

Split PAC units offer a highly efficient solution and are ideal when there’s no easy access to windows or similar outside ventilation. The efficiencies they achieve make them very suitable for more exacting and challenging applications.

The capacity of our split units starts at 4.5kW. Common applications include commercial spaces from offices, factories and warehouses right through to events venues.

Our largest split unit has been designed with the comms and Data Centre markets in mind and provides 14.6kW of cooling duty within a very small footprint.

Help With Product Selection

The type of Portable Air Con Hire unit best suited to your specific application depends on a number of factors, all of which our Hire engineers will give you help and advice with. If traditional Portable Air Conditioners can’t work for your specific application, perhaps due to the size of the area you’re needing to cool or the lack of an external ventilation source, we can offer other options such as Portable Evaporative coolers.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the space you’re trying to cool and what sort of ventilation is nearby. The duty you’ll require will be determined by things like the number of people using the space, whether there are any other pieces of heat generating equipment, how the building is positioned. Getting all these factors right will get you the most cost effective and efficient hire option. Our team have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through this process, step by step, so that you achieve the optimum solution for your exact requirement.

Whether you’re looking for temperature control for comfort cooling, or an air or water cooled chiller for a process plant or factory, Aqua Hire can provide and install equipment on a temporary basis. All our engineers are fully trained to the highest standards when it comes to health & safety, risk assessments and F-Gas regulations – giving you total peace of mind.

Our engineers will give you free technical advice, help with product selection and arrange a site survey. We’ll arrange for your rental equipment to be delivered and installed so that your clients are up and running as fast as possible. Our end goal is to give you the most effective and efficient Cooling Solution for the specific requirement you’re working with. We understand Cooling isn’t a “one size suits all” concept, there are lots of variables but our experience makes us very adept at providing a market-leading solution.

Cooling/Heating Calculators

Our calculator tool will quickly help you determine an approximate heating and/or cooling capacity for comfort cooling purposes. You simply enter a few key facts and then press “calculate” for a guide figure which is often helpful for initial planning purposes.

To get an exact calculation you’ll need to factor in other variables, for example any HVAC equipment already on site. Our hire specialists are highly trained and experienced in a range of cooling and heating applications. They’ll help you every step of the way, from working out capacity required and product selection right through to getting the right equipment on site.

Click Here to view Aqua’s Cooling and Heating Calculators

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Comfort Cooling Enquiry?
Before you call…

There’s some key information that will enable our hire specialists to find the best Portable Air Con Hire solution for you as quickly as possible and we’ve detailed this below. These answers will help speed up the quotation process and our overall response time from enquiry to delivery/installation – essential in an emergency scenario. If you don’t have all the answers to hand then our team will help guide you through the process and can always arrange a free, no obligation, site visit if needed.

  • Minimum time you’ll require the equipment for
  • Approximate room/building size – width/length/height – photos or floor plans are really useful
  • Number of occupants within the space
  • Number of windows and doors within the space, are they easily accessible and are any fire doors?
  • Details of any computers or other machinery within the space
  • Location – ground floor or otherwise
  • Is noise a consideration? We have low noise equipment options available
  • Any access/delivery restrictions to overcome?
  • Availability of outside space – if siting equipment externally

Our Cooling and Heating Calculators will also help you to work out an indicative cooling/heating capacity.